Get Your Gangsta On Playing Loaded in HD

If you want to experience the life of a gangsta without all drama, then the newly updated Loaded online slot game is perfect for you.
Developed by Microgaming, the new edition of Loaded has many attributes of the first, yet has been changed up to showcase all the latest online slot features that more and more slot players seem to love. For example, unlike the old edition, the new one has a Spin/Stop button, which really make players’ rate of play much, much better.

In addition to some of the new technology features, the new edition is now in HD and the graphics have a great, vibrant look. Some of what players will see include sexy, foxy women, men who have attitude and style, sweet looking rides, huge mansions, and plenty of flashy, eye-catching bling. When the reels spin, you’ll be completely amazed.

Along with the new technology tweaks and amazing graphics, probably the best characteristic that the new Loaded edition took from the old is how it uses almost the same math tables and game engine. So, there is really no learning curve when it comes to playing. The Triple Seven winning line is back too, which triples any win that can be contributed to it. And, the Bling, Bling Scatters have also returned that unlock a hidden special free spins area. In this area, there are 3 highly attractive women that represent a free spin and multiplier combination where players can win either 12 free spins at a 4x multiplier, 16 free spins at a 3x multiplier, or 24 free spins at a 2x multiplier. There is even a card gamble feature where players have the opportunity to fill up their money clip. So, if they get super lucky, they have a shot at winning up to $210,000 with this game.

Loaded is slated to come out in February of this year, which is right around the corner and some of the online casinos that player can play at include Casino Classic, Nostalgia Casino, and the Golden Tiger Casino. Check it out to experience the life of a gangsta!