A Variety Of Video Poker

video poker

Based off of the standard five card hand of draw poker, video poker machines have become some of the most popular machines in casinos today. Cards and wagers are displayed on a video screen, and video poker games share some commonalities with video slot machines. The biggest difference between video poker and video slots is the elements of strategy vs. randomization. In video poker, a skilled player employing optimal, odds based strategy can often see a return at or above 100%. Slot machines, on the other hand, require only luck in seeking out the elusive jackpot.

Variety in video poker games are another advantage, and new genres of video poker machines are being developed every day. A standard poker hand of five cards is drawn in most games, and the player is given the opportunity to replace one, several or all of the cards in order to earn a pair, four of a kind or straight and accrue the corresponding winnings.

One of the most popular variations is Deuces Wild. A good example of this type of play can be found in the new game Bonus Deuces Wild. In this genre of poker, all four 2s in the deck are treated as wild cards that can stand in for any other card in the deck. This is an exciting twist simplified by the on screen guide, which automatically assigns the highest value to any wilds in your hand, giving you the best winning combination. Hybrids between video poker games and video slots will grow in popularity over the coming years, led by Jacks or Better, which combines the skill of video poker with the style and functionality of slot machines. There are countless variations on video poker, and with so many options there is a game out there for everyone.